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***In English***

Beach Lot/Land For Sale in Guanacaste (Costa Rica), near pristine beaches.

Costa de Oro Beach is a very special spot within Coyote Beach. An untouched virgin beach where you can paddle in water and go ashore to spend time in a quiet environment, away from the hustle bustle of the city.

A safe place where turtles can be seen emerging from the water and digging deep holes in the sand to lay their eggs during the nesting season. Also, a great location to sight and enjoy whales that migrate to Costa Rica to give birth and raise their young offspring in the warm waters of the Southern Pacific coastline. 

Sometimes bioluminescence can be seen in the area, simulating sparkling lights in the water as if the ocean is a liquid sky of blue stars. 

This property is a very relaxing retreat with stunning views and many nature activities to frolic in the ocean alone, with family or friends (kayaking, surfing, bird watching and of course swimming in the 80°F warm waters).

It´s a fabulous seaside getaway, to build your beach house, only 2.5 hours away from Liberia International Airport and 4 hours from San José.

You can dive into delicious seafood in El Barco, a famous local restaurant and also explore the nearby hotels Zen Spirit and Punta Caletas.


  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Water public service is near (about 3km) so in the meantime property owners drill their own well for water supply.

This beautiful property is within the 3rd row, about 150 metres walking to the beach. 

In addition, it has a variety of fruit trees like mangos, oranges, lemons, nísperos, nance, guanábana and marañón.

Area: 11.819m2

Price: $250.000 dólares

If you seek an opportunity to explore this ocean view property, complete and send the contact form on this listing so our real estate agent can call you today!


***En Español***

Playa Costa de Oro es una zona muy especial en playa Coyote, que a su vez es una playa virgen donde llegan las tortugas a desovar, a veces se ve la luminiscencia, donde se puede surfear (break point), sacar almejas, observar aves, ballenas, la vía láctea. Es muy relajante las pocas personas que uno se encuentra en la playa, la temperatura del agua es cálida 80 grados Fahrenheit, ubicada a 2.5 horas del aeropuerto internacional de Liberia y 4 horas de San José.

Hay un restaurante reconocido por sus delicias del Mar (El barco) y los hoteles Zen Spirit y Punta Caletas.

Cuenta con los servicios: electricidad, internet. El agua de acueductos alcantarillados está próximo (está a 3 km) a llegar mientras tanto cada persona hace un pozo y así suple su agua.

Esta hermosa propiedad se encuentra en tercera fila a 150 metros caminando a la playa

Cuenta con los Servicios públicos: luz, electricidad, teléfono. Tiene muchos árboles frutales: nísperos, naranjas, mangos, limones, nance, guanábana, marañón.

El agua se obtiene de pozo. Hay una casita en madera.

  • Área: 11.819m2
  • Precio de venta: $250.000 dólares